We develop software and manage software projects.

Industry knowledge

  • Medical technology
  • Finance and insurance sector
  • Public administration
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • Research

Core competencies and experience

  • Data interfaces
  • Network protocols
  • Encryption
  • Digital measuring technology
  • PLC and CAN bus systems
  • Algorithms
From the component system
For Windows desktop and server applications we recommend the use of our application framework. Costs and development times can be massively reduced with it. We guarantee training, support and updates for such solutions as long as you use the software. As an additional security, we are willing to deposit the source code with a trustee (escrow service).
Solid craftsmanship
Efficient programming and reusable code requires meticulous planning, a clean documentation as well as well-defined hierarchies and abstraction of classes. Whenever possible, we develop self-explanatory classes and procedures. Things that are hard to understand are documented directly in the code. When planning and also for the documentation of classes and data structures we use UML diagrams. We make daily revisions of our development works.
Agile methodology
Analyses, consulting, testing, project management, training
Fixed prices