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We develop proprietary products and provide software engineering services.
Westway was founded in 2011, but our history goes back to the 80s. The few resources that were available at that time required creativity and sound knowledge of data structures and algorithms. This has strongly influenced us and our programming style.

Our way

Our experience, our expertise as well as large amounts of source code, which was built in the years up to the founding of Westway, has been condensed in a Windows application framework, which became the base of the company. This base is a kind of component system that enables us to quickly and inexpensively develop products and services. Compared to other frameworks, which must support a broad spectrum of possibilities, ours is tailored to our needs and principles. This allows us to gain time since we can fall back on prefabricated solutions for many problems.

The development of our framework was an exciting and interesting time and we learned a lot in the process. You profit from our learnings even if we develop in other languages and frameworks.

Design principles

  • Long lifespan
  • Stability
  • Attractive design
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Speed
  • Careful use of computer resources


We have a scientific background and we deal actively with the newest research in the domains of artificial neural networks, graphics und computer languages. We do this out of purely personal interests, but also because we want to develop innovative products. Some results of these efforts have already become a part of our framework and others have been integrated in experimental applications.


06-09-2014 Forum
You can now post your comments in the forum.

04-22-2014 English
The English version of the web page was published.

04-16-2014 ShellExt
The product ShellExt can now be downloaded free of charge....more

04-05-2014 New web page
The new web page was published.

08-15-2012 Relocation
The company moves to Büchnerstrasse 21, Zurich.

07-15-2012 Farewell
Martin Werlen leaves the company.

07-21-2011 Commercial registry
The company Westway AG has been registered in the commercial register of the canton of Zurich.

02-01-2011 Office
Start in the offices at Aargauerstrasse 1, Zurich.


Taskorg is a CRM/ERP for service providers and especially for people who work with texts. It is also a base for customer-specific adaptations.

With P2P, files can be exchanged between two PCs via the Internet. The data stream does not use any server and is encoded. P2P also works if DNS is not available.