The references listed here are related to specific mandates and former employers.
Consolidation and extension of databases and interfaces. Creation of test data and interface testing. Developments where made in SQL and KSH.
2nd-level support of HP UNIX. Specialization in network questions and network components such as routers, switches and hubs. Microsoft Developer Support for Enterprise customers.
MySQL data migration from the old to the new web page. English-German translations. Server relocation.
Consolidation of the HPUX server environment in the datacenter of the Federal Directorate General of Customs, relocation of the servers to the Federal Office of Informatics, modernization and expansion of the infrastructure, development of a disaster-proof HPUX/HDS cluster solution distributed over two datacenters.
Development of physiological learning programs for first-semester medical students, development of an AD converter card, development of various measuring and testing equipment for physiological labs.